Asus R510J Tries Real Hard To Be A Gaming Laptop

Asus is one of the few names that come to mind when we talk about PC gaming. When we last reviewed any Asus laptop, it was all the way back in 2015 when the G55 came to our doorsteps. Both of them are different, At least that’s how Asus’ marketing team wants you to see them. One belongs to the clan ‘RoG’ while this one is a distant relative trying to mimic the former. Simply put, Asus R510J is an entry level gaming laptop.

Although the R510J doesn’t belong to the family of RoG series of gaming laptops, it still gets design cues from there. Its design is a mix of glossy and matte finish plastic. Outside it has a glossy shell with imprint, whereas the keyboard and the surrounding area has a matte finish. Asus has used dual colors – red and black. The laptop felt solid to me. But it is heavy as well. It’s not the one you would want to lug around.


The one mistake with the design is the lack of a backlit keyboard on R510J. Asus has used the red themed keyboard. Even indoors, the keys look faint. The next one is not in the laptop itself, yet it’s heavily related to it. The inbox charger is just way too big. The charger itself adds more than the 500gms of weight.


Asus-R510J-Left-min Asus-R510J-Right-min

The Asus R510J tries to hit a sweet spot between pricing and the hardware without the premium of RoG series. To set the records straight, R510J has Core i7 4720 HQ (quad-core) processor and 8GB of RAM. Of course, CPU is not the latest one, but it’s not bad either. Indeed, the 4720 HQ has turned out to be better than 5500U. The processor in the R510J is what you would usually get only on desktops. Nvidia GT950M takes charge of graphics intensive stuff. There’s 1TB HDD as well, but it sadly it can do max 5400 RPMs. Asus could have easily put in 7200 RPM HDD at this price. And it’s not even hybrid drive, so the HDD here becomes a bottleneck.

Asus has wisely used the anti-glare (matte) display on R510J. The FullHD (1080p) display has warmer color tone. That’s kinda perfect for games.

As far as the real world performance is concerned, the R510J can do some heavy lifting. However, you wouldn’t be able to push it as hard as the newer and better gaming laptops. During the duration of review, I could only try out Project Cars on it. With medium settings, the game ran pretty smoothly without any hiccups. But once I enabled all high-quality settings, it quickly became a slideshow. The hardware just couldn’t handle it, and so I had to scale down the settings back to medium.

Just to confirm my conclusions, I also ran a set of benchmarks, namely PCMark and 3DMark.

3DMark-FireStrike-Battery PCMark-Creative-Conventional 3DMark-SkyDiver-Battery

Although I couldn’t test the touchpad in games (since I played racing simulator), it felt a lot more fine tuned than the one on RoG G55 which we reviewed last year. The G55 came with a separate gaming mouse which most gamers would need especially while playing FPS games. The R510J wasn’t fortunate enough to get it. There’s no headphone as well. The integrated speakers aren’t loud, but they still churn out crisp and clear audio.

Asus claims the battery can last up to 4 hours, but doesn’t clearly specify if it’s for gaming or day-to-day usage. In my experience, continuous gaming returned little more than two hours of battery life while everything else saw approximate 3.5 hrs of battery life.

The Asus R510J runs Windows 10 out of the box. There are loads of bloatware loaded on it. Some of them would pop-up all of sudden while playing the game making you lose the control of it. So if you buy this one, make sure you remove whatever you don’t need.

The Asus R510J is a decent gaming laptop given its specs and performance. However, its asking price is a bit too high. It costs upwards of Rs.60,000 (~$895) but doesn’t do justice to it. The processor is the rarity, but there’re compromises everywhere else. I would rather expect a well-balanced configuration at this price point. If you want to have a taste of decent gaming with a satisfactory and don’t have any other options, that’s when you should consider buying the R510J.