Honor Holly 2 Plus Isn’t Cutting Edge But Totally Worth The $125 Tag

Honor Holly 2 Plus Isn’t Cutting Edge But Totally Worth The $125 Tag

August 22, 2016 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

The Honor Holly 2 Plus comes as a successor to the Honor Holly that came out in 2014. It’s been two years since the first phone in the Holly series. The original Holly got wiped out because of Android One phones. Back then the Honor itself was a lesser known brand. Today, it’s one of the brands I can confidently recommend.

Its design is simple and sober and far from premium. Subtly patterned front and back plates make it look a little better. The quality of the material is not inspiring and cheap; especially the rim around the display. However, the phone doesn’t feel delicate. The Honor 4X with its plastic shell was pretty tough. I didn’t check if Holly 2 Plus is as solid as Honor 4X, but it certainly feels solid.

The battery is not removable. Out of the two speaker grills on the bottom, only one of them actually holds the speaker which is a trend nowadays.

An ugly thing about its design is a thin black border around its display inside the main bezel.

The Holly 2 Plus has a modest spec sheet. The phone has 1.3GHz MediaTek6735 processor and 2GB RAM. The 720p HD display isn’t at all strenuous for it. Sure, it will exhaust if you run high-end games as the Mali-T720 isn’t really made for all that heavy lifting. The ironed out software works in tandem with hardware to give buttery and satisfying user experience.

The big thing (literally) about this phone is 4000 mAh battery. So while there’s absence of fingerprint sensor, its battery is something to look forward to. To go from 0 to 100, the Holly 2 Plus takes roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes which is great. The Quick Charge tech comes handy when you’re in a hurry by giving 3 hours worth charge in just 10 mins. You don’t really need to be conservative if you’re carrying around this phone as your daily. It will still have more than enough charge left at the end of the day. And in case your BFF runs out of battery on his phone, your Holly 2 Plus can give some power (through a special accessory).

For a phone that costs less than $130, Holly 2 Plus has a pretty commendable camera. My colleague and I didn’t initially expect its camera to capture little more than average quality photos. But as we used it in different conditions and to click more photos, it left us impressed. Definitely, we are not talking about flagship grade performance, but the camera won’t make you regret either.

Honor Holly 2 Plus

The OS is EMUI 3.1 Lite themed Android Lollipop 5.1. The EMUI is indeed very lite when it comes to resource consumption. You wouldn’t be able to spot the differences between the full fledged EMUI 3.1 on other phones like Honor 4X or 6 Plus and its lite version on Holly 2 Plus. I used Honor 4X and Holly 2 Plus and couldn’t see anything different. Rather I really liked the smoothness of software on Holly 2 Plus. The only thing that would be deterrent to some you would be lack of Marshmallow update which wasn’t available at the time of publishing. Honor doesn’t seem excited to offer that sweet update on Holly 2 Plus.

Honor Holly 2 Plus is an excellent connectivity pack. There’s dual SIM 4G support coupled with usual features WiFi and Bluetooth. Although the CDMA has almost vanished from the market, you can still use your CDMA card in Holly 2 Plus. What I especially liked is the call quality on this phone. Apart from good signal strength, the earpiece was exceptionally strong and clear. This is something rare nowadays. Its loudspeakers is really loud, but the sound quality is just average.

Should you buy this phone? That’s definitely debatable especially since there are so many phones in the same bracket. Holly 2 Plus does lag behind with the lack of features like a fingerprint scanner. However, it makes up for it with a huge battery and Huawei’s reliable after sales support than competing Chinese brands.

The phone’s price has remained same, but newer competitors are giving it a run for its money. It will be tough to stand against the likes of Redmi 3S which arrived just few days back. But for the people who want a device that’s well balanced in features and works smoothly along with the peace of mind, Holly 2 Plus makes a perfect sense.