Review : Nokia Lumia 510 – Don’t Miss The Journey

January 2, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


It’s Nokia which has put WP in its recognizable position today. They have taken good efforts to make it reach lower price points and lure away potential consumers from Android. They have been expanding their army of Lumias faster than anyone. Recently they launched 610 to make WP more accessible and maybe that was not enough so they introduced 510.


If you have not heard about 510 or seen it before, first look at it will give you the impression of Nokia’s high end WP handsets. Thanks to its impressive design and big 4″ display. But hold your horses; it’s not what you’re thinking.Lumia 510 is indeed an even cheaper Lumia than 610 but with something added and something else stripped off. That doesn’t mean it’s disappointing. We’ll tell you everything.


The design of Lumia 510 is simple yet refreshing. It doesn’t look like any other existing Nokia phone. The monoblock form factor with rounded corners gives it the impressive looks. The 4” screen would makes it look even more classy. The phone is extremely  lightweight and fits your palms perfectly. It’s neither too big nor too small. Below the screen there are three usual touch-sensitive keys. And just near the bottom edge there’s a mouthpiece.

While designing Lumia 510, Nokia seems to have followed rules for WP8 chassis’ set by Microsoft. The microUSB-cum-charging port is on the bottom. The top of the phone hosts 3.5mm audio jack. The right side has a volume rocker, power-cum-unlock key and a dedicated camera key. The left side has a notch to remove the back cover of the phone.

Lumia510_Front_Full Lumia510_Top Lumia510_Bottom

Lumia510_Back_Full Lumia510_Right Lumia510_Left

On the back of the phone there’s a 5 MP AF camera. The camera is so tiny and the black color of the lens mixes so well with the back of the phone that one may just fail to see it there. To keep the cost low Nokia has also decided to not to provide flash.  In the center there’s silver metallic Nokia logo. Going down, you’ll see a loudspeaker grill. Although it looks small, the loudspeaker has enough loudness. Like all other Lumia’s, Lumia 510 also uses microSIM card.

Lumia510_Undercover Lumia510_Camera_SIM Lumia510_Loudspeaker


The Lumia 510 runs on Snapdragon S1 processor which is clocked at 800 MHz and has 3D Graphics HW accelerator. Like the Lumia 610, this one also has 256 MB of RAM. The side effects of such a low end hardware configuration are inevitable. While you’ll be able to do all the tasks and run most of the apps there will always be few which will refuse to run at all. The lower clock speed has effect on application launch times and especially on resume. But once the app is loaded, it continues to work smoothly without any hiccups. Games run fine as well. Yes the original Angry Birds won’t work on this one but newer versions like Angry Birds space do just fine with it. My personal favorite was Gun Bros which is a hefty Xbox title compared to Angry Birds and it ran without any lag or whatsoever.

The 4” display used on Lumia 510 is LCD type and has WVGA resolution. For a display this big, we would have liked to see better resolution but this one is not bad either. Not that all the pixels are gonna pop out of the screen immediately and poke your eyes. Keep the pixel count aside for a while but the color saturation of the display wasn’t very well. One can clearly see color gradients in the photos. Sunlight legibility is ok-ok.We would suggest keeping brightness to highest level.

Unfortunately Lumia 510 has just 4GB of inbuilt memory and comes without any option to expand it further. Yes, you get 7 GB of SkyDrive space but it requires you to have internet connection and that works good only for sharing and syncing your files across your devices. Hardly any useful for daily use. Out of the 4GB on Lumia 510, around 2.25 GB remains usable for the user. We can understand the lack of camera flash or use of low quality display to keep the prices low but this is ridiculous. Especially when you’re going to sell a device which has full blown multi-media capabilities, when it’s gonna be used for capturing photos and videos and listening to music, limiting your users on the amount of memory is unacceptable. Nokia could just go for 8 GB memory like 610.


This is one area where Lumia 510 exceeded our expectations. We stopped expecting great battery life ever since the new era smartphones appeared. Even 12 hrs would be too good for us. But hold on, Lumia 510 goes on for more than a day once charged to full. Yes, more than 24 hrs.  Even when unplugged on 60% of battery charge, it lasted for 12 hrs. Our usage included all day internet connectivity, push mail, browsing, chatting except listening to music.

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