Review: Lumia 610 – Hitting It Right

Review: Lumia 610 – Hitting It Right

October 3, 2012 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

So here we are with Nokia’s and thus the Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7.5 handset Lumia 610. Youngest member of the Lumia family. When Microsoft first launched the WP7, its high-end requirements were somewhat of obstacle in pushing it to the lower price point. After Nokia married Mircosoft, they both worked for the WP7.5 which lowered the requirements, thus allowing to make affordable WP phones; Lumia 610 is the result.


Fresh design, funky colors, easy on budget are the few things Lumia 610 has to offer. But when you spend Rs.12,000, the obvious question is, is it worth my money?’ We try to find out.


Lumia 610 has completely fresh design, not inspired by any of the Nokia’s existing phones *cough*N9*cough*. The 3.5 incher also comes in various, funky colors, from professional black to girly fuchsia.  The screen is just 3.5” tall but neatliness of WP7 makes it look even bigger. The shiny strip that runs around the display gives it cool looks and whatever your favorite color is, you’ll like it.

The front is taken up by the 3.5” LCD screen, below which are the three standard WindowsPhone keys which are also touch sensitive. Above the display there’s an earpiece and two sensors, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, sit next to it. Just like Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 there’s no front cam on Lumia 610 as well.


Back of the phone hosts 5MP AF camera with a LED flash. The loudspeaker grill is near the bottom. On the top of Lumia 610 there are 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB port and  lanyard socket respectively. The right side has the volume rocker and power/unlock key. We liked the Nokia’s decision of keeping it on the side of phone instead of the top. In case of taller phones if the unlock key is on the top, to reach it, you have to stretch your hand more than necessary. The left side of the phone is completely bare.


Overall the design is simple yet attractive, represents fun mood; it’s rounded corners represent an average user who just enjoys his life and colors don’t scream but they calmly make an impression when you hold the phone.

Whats up WP7.5 Tango?

As we mentioned before, this is the first phone to run on WP7.5 which enabled OEMs to create low-end WP handsets by lowering the hardware requirements. So the Lumia 610 must be lacking something. Well yes. Compared to the elders in the Lumia family, this one has the 800 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM. And it comes with 8GB of storage. When you hear these specs in the era where all phones trying to knock out each other on spec sheet, those of Lumia 610 are at least 3 years old or it sounds so. What does it translates to then? To be honest Lumia 610 will offer better performance any day compared to any other phone with the same specs (Read:Anrdoid). Microsoft has really managed well to optimize their OS for this fella so it doesn’t exhaust while doing your daily tasks. Yes, the lesser amount of RAM affects the performance but only in 3rd party apps and Mircosoft has already published the guidelines for developers on how to optimize their apps for 256MB RAM devices. Now it’s up to the developer of your favorite app. And there are few apps too which would not run on Lumia 610 and you’ll be sad to know that it can’t run Angry Birds. We know how much it hurts but it’s better than getting ugly performance and then crying foul.  Nevertheless, Lumia 610 offers fluid performance. We are not bashing the Android but it’s now the universally accepted fact that the Android is a resource hog, that is, it needs powerful hardware to run smoothly.

The interface isn’t changed than what we have seen on previous builds of WP7. A homescreen which is a home of your shortcuts cum notifications or simply saying that’s where you put all your live tiles. The menu is a simply a list of your apps. It will grow longer and longer as you add more and more apps. Thankfully you have an option to quickly find the one you want.


The WP 7.5 Refresh a.k.a. Tango also brings in the internet sharing feature so that you can share the data connection on your phone to work with your PC.

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