Review: Motorola Atrix 2 – The Handsome Performer

Review: Motorola Atrix 2 – The Handsome Performer

August 6, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar
Sequels are not a big deal today. Everything has a sequel. Then why shouldn’t a smartphone have a sequel? What if the sequel is just great like it’s predecessor or maybe even better? What if it’s Atrix 2? Motorola has been showing us some cool, powerful handsets recently. Atrix 2 is also one of them.  A sequel to original with added muscles and extra ordinary looks is just the perfect recipe if you ask us. The first sight at Atrix 2 is enough to tell that it’s made to perform. No second thought on that.


Any phone can be neatly desgined. We call it just putting things together. But giving it stunning looks is altogether different thing. Motorola designers must have taken lots of efforts and time to design Atrix 2. It took us just few seconds to fall in love with Atrix 2 as soon as we opened the box. The shiney screen, a shiney, glass like material around the display, plastic sliver finish border running around the whole display assembly and the white back. Well what else could be the right combo? Yes Atrix 2 is little bulky compared to the competition but it can be forgiven.
“Wherever I carried this phone along with me, people couldn’t take their eyes off this gorgeous device. They asked me about it. They asked me about its price. I’ve reviewed many devices but I don’t remember any of them getting this level of attention.”
But if you thought it’s a perfect design then we say it’s not. As with anything on this planet, Atrix 2 design has couple of flaws. However minor they are, they should be told, not right now but as we come across them in next few statements.
The front of the phone is dominated by a huge 4.3″ LCD screen which has good color, good brightness and contrast levels. Sunlight legibility was also not a problem. We could read even read clearly under direct sun. Below the display there are four capacitive, standard Android buttons.
Right above the display there’s a big loudspeaker grill, which has front camera on its left side and three sensors, namely Ambient light sensor, proximity sensor. The microphone is actually hidden. It’s right under the notch to remove the back cover.
The top of the phone hosts 3.5mm audio jack and power/unlock key and there’s secondary mic also, for noise cancellation. On the left, near bottom, there’s a microUSB and a HDMI port. This is the first flaw in Atrix 2 design. The location of microUSB and HDMI ports is very inconvenient when you plug-in cable in any one of them, no matter which hand you use to hold the phone.
On the right side there’s a volume rocker and camera key, both of them have matte finish. Here’s the second flaw. Unlike any other camera phone with auto-focus, the camera key on Atrix 2 has just single press and not two levels. That is, it can’t be used to, first focus on half press and capture on full press. The camera software does the job of focusing for you but if in case you want to manually do it, you’ll need to tap the screen. Moving to the back,  our unit was white so it looked super cool, it has dotted pattern. Exactly in the center there’s Motorola logo. Near top, there’s 8MP camera sitting with LED flash while near bottom there’s a loudspeaker grill. The super finished back of the Atrix 2 hardly gives any grip so you’ll need to be extra careful. That’s all for the design. Except for few flaws, there’s nothing wrong in the design which should make you dislike the phone. You won’t dislike it even if you want to.


Motorola Atrix 2 is built around the dual core Cortex-A9 sitting on TI OMAP 4430 chipset and graphics department looked after by PowerVR SGX540. The each core of the Atrix 2 CPU runs at 1GHz. The 1 GB RAM is provided to ease the tasks. For most of the users and for most of the daily tasks these configuration is more than enough. And even if you’re into doing serious work or gaming you’re not going to see major hiccups or none in most cases. Atleast that’s what our experience was.
But still we decided to run few benchmarks on this player and results are somewhat disappointing. It even falls behind Optimus 2X. We just hope scenario will improve with ICS update.

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