Review: Nokia 701 – Plus The One

Review: Nokia 701 – Plus The One

January 23, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


Nokia 701 is one of the trio which runs on latest Symbian Belle. Taking a clue from the stylish C7 design and upgraded hardware it comes to attract us again. The 701 doesn’t have any specific feature which should be its USP but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worth a look. Certainly it’s the 1 GHz processor and 3.5” screen and Symbian Belle which runs butter smooth on it is what we liked about it in the first look. But does it satisfy the price it’s asking for?


Nokia 701 is purely the upgraded the version of the good old C7. And its design is the key witness here. It’s built on exactly same design, only few bits have been changed. The oval shape and rounded edges and corners remain same.

Starting from the front it retains the same 3.5” screen of C7 but this time instead of AMOLED display of C7 you get IPS LCD on 701. Above the display, near right top corner you’ll find front camera, ambient and proximity sensors sitting in the line. Extreme top houses the earpiece. About some changed bits. First of all, Nokia has replaced the mirror-finish plastic strip on C7 (which runs around the front of the phone) with that of matte finish on 701. We wish they had kept it intact. Maybe it’s just for differentiation between two. Same goes for earpiece too. Another thing is that they have changed the location of the menu button by a little. On C7 there was some space between menu key and the screen but on 701 its size has been reduced a little and it’s now very close to the screen. This effectively makes it little hard to use it without touching the screen. In our experience we ended tapping the screen every time we clicked the menu key.



The right side of the Nokia 701 is very much crowded. It features volume rocker keys and exactly between those two keys there is a voice command key. Going down further, there’s a keyguard key which is used to lock keys and screen. Near the bottom there’s a shutter (camera) key. At times it feels like it’s placed down few centimeters more than necessary. The bottom of the phone features only lanyard socket. Same goes for the left side where there’s just 2mm charging socket. Top of the phone has microUSB port, 3.5mm earphone jack and a power key.


On the back of the phone there’s 8MP fixed focus camera along with dual LED flash inside the silver color frame. On either sides of the camera there’s loudspeaker grill. The loudspeaker of the Nokia 701 is weaker than we expected. The battery cover of Nokia 701 is made up of metal just like it was on C7. Under the cover the first thing you’ll notice is big 1300 mAh battery. Just above the battery there’s SIM card slot which seems hot-swappable but it’s not. Unfortunately the memory card slot is under the battery and thus it’s not hotswappable. Though the phone comes with 8GB of mass memory which is enough for most users but those who want to use more than 8GB will find it inconvenient. In our opinion memory card slot should have been at the place of SIM card and not under the battery.  Near the latch of the back cover there’s second microphone which is used to record sound in stereo.

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