Review: Nokia 701 – Plus The One

Review: Nokia 701 – Plus The One

January 23, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Nokia Store:

Nokia has started rebranding their old OVI services and OVI Store was one of them. It’s now called Nokia Store. New Nokia Store brings lots of improvements in application management and usability as well. Actually it’s got a complete overhaul. The major issue with OVI store was the usability which now seems to be resolved. Using QtQML has made the app much more faster. Nokia Store can now also notify you of the updates available for your applications but it can’t automatically update them for you. Additionally there’s no real time search as well as split-screen keyboard available in Nokia Store.


Personal Information Management:

The Nokia 701 comes loaded with standard set of PIM tools for Symbian^3 devices. Almost everything is everything except the legacy Unit Converter. The Office viewer is also present, just viewer not editor. Last time we saw document editor on E6 which is meant for enterprise users. It supports Office 2007 file format. Adobe Reader is also the part of the suite. The package includes ‘Notes’, ‘Dictionary’, ‘Voice Recorder’ apps etc. The full fledged file manager is also present which lets you do all file operations. You can also backup your device using the same. While the rest of the apps are decent enough, the Calculator just looks foolish. It’s very basic and usable for adding up your daily expenses. Even the S40 comes with much better full fledged Calculator app which has scientific features. The Vlingo app which works as a personal assistant is also present onboard. Though it does not talks back like Siri on iPhone it still follows every order you give. From calling & texting people to searching online for some information, almost everything and it consumes very less data.



Though Nokia 701 is a modern Symbian phone it faces identity crisis because of its similarity with C7. But then it’s also an upgrade to its predecessor with more processing power and new OS. Even the fixed focus camera is better than the one C7 and the NFC magic it brings is also considerable. Though C7 will also be getting Nokia Belle (formerly Symbian Belle) update it’s the underlying hardware which makes the difference. All in all Nokia 701 makes for a good choice but if you still want to look at the competition before you make a decision then there are many of them out there.
The Android camp as usual has lots of to offer. The first one which comes to our mind is Nexus S which is the only Android phone which has NFC capability. Galaxy s is the another option but the camera comes without flash but superior screen is in its favor. The LG Optimus Black is also a good choice and Optimus 2X is also available for unbelievable price on Flipkart. The Windows Phone is also not far behind. Under 20K there are plenty of options. Samsung Omnia W and Nokia Lumia 710 are the newcomers with upgraded hardware in the whole league. Another option is little old HTC 7 Mozart which fits the bill.

To sum it up Nokia 701 is very good though not a exceptional one but you will surely not regret for buying it.

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