Samsung is planning to reduce the production of Galaxy S4

Samsung is planning to reduce the production of Galaxy S4

June 20, 2013 0 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


Here’s a shocker. After facing ‘never seen before’ and ‘more than expected’ demand for its flagship device, Samsung is now planning to diminish the production of Galaxy S4 by 10-15%! And for the first time in their history, this is happening. Samsung reportedly sold 10 million+ of Galaxy S4s in first month. Unfortunately the demand fell, this month Samsung only received half of the order they did in May. While 6.5 million is still a healthy number, it’s not quite good for Samsung considering their sales figures. Besides, Samsung is about to stop the production and parts inventory for their previous flagship Galaxy S3, which is still very popular in some countries for the recent price cut.

While we don’t really know why Samsung’s facing such low demand(not really), we suspect things are not going in the way Samsung planned. For World’s no.1 smartphone and mobile phone maker, this is certainly not a good news. So the question raises, has Samsung reached its peak? Whether it’s true or not, time will tell. As for now it’ll be interesting to see how shareholders react to this. We’ve seen giants fall before.

Source: ETNews