Second Gen HP ZBook Workstations Are Totally Droolworthy

If you’re looking for a strong mobile workstation for your business needs, you shouldn’t miss HP’s latest offerings launched at CES2015. Although, HP is a solid name in the enterprises I haven’t seen many of their workstations floating around. But their second gen Z-series looks awesome. Even if you’re not a business user you might still want to check out these sturdy laptops.

HP’s latest workstations have some cools specs and come in two sizes, 14 inch and 15 inch. Both of them are powered by Intel’s 5th gen Core processors (yes, Intel launched that too). There are different configurations available in both the sizes, so you’re free to choose the one that fits your needs. Let me tell you about the specs briefly. Core i5 or Core i7 5th gen processors up to 5600U, choice of HDDs and faster SSDs and even SEDs up to 1.25TB that fit perfectly the needs of businesses and AMD graphics, what would you need more?  But wait, there’s more to come.


These are not general purpose laptops. These are the business workstations and the spec list is exhaustive. These laptops are 4G ready with Qualcomm Gobi modem and also feature dual band WiFi (AN/AC) and pack Bluetooth 4.0. The ZBook 14 is available in different display resolutions ranging from HD to FullHD and everything in between while the ZBook 15u comes in FullHD display. Ten point touchscreen is optionally available on ZBook 14.

Both the workstations are loaded with various security features such as TPM1.2, smart card reader, fingerprint sensors and GPS tracking, all of which are essential for businesses.  Only thing I so far disliked about this ZBook series is that HP is only offering dual core Core i7 processors even in the top variant which doesn’t do justice to its price tag. I was expecting quad-core Core i7s at this price. The ZBook 14 pricing will start at $1,249 and ZBook 15 will start at $1,199.