Snapdragon S4 is ‘cool’!

June 5, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Today Qualcomm posted a test video made by themselves which shows how cool is their Snapdragon S4 processor compared to the competition. We all know at some point our phones become hot but wouldn’t it be really interesting to see how much hotter it’s inside?In this video Qualcomm has used two phones which use processors from their competitors and one device that uses S4 processor. They first show the heatmap of all three phones lying on the table. To show it more precisely they tried melting butter with all three phones. Usually butter melts at 35C and all three of them easily break this barrier. But as time lapses they become hotter and a phone which melts the butter completely reaches 55C. It managed to melt the butter even though it was on the outer body of the phone. So just think what happens inside your phone. We’re shocked.

Courtesy: Qualcomm Vlog