Sony Could Embrace Stock Android UI For Next Release

Out of all the custom skins out there, I quite like Sony’s Xperia UI for its sober take on Android customization. In the latest iteration, Sony’s UI on Android is very close to the stock one. The next iteration will go a step further.

The current Sony UI anyway has very little customization but this new UI from Sony will get rid of any customization left in the current one. It will embrace the full stock Android UI and will just have Sony’s apps built into it. It will also remove any user side customization options such as themes. This is the same approach as Motorola. The advantage here is obvious; it will enable Sony to release Android updates faster.


Sony is taking only Xperia Z3 users onboard from Sweden for the trial of its new UI like it did for Lollipop testing. Only 500 users will be able to get to try it out. Although, this is a small, limited trial, Sony is considering doing such activities globally on larger scales.

Do you think Sony needs to go full stock or will you just pickup a Nexus phone for stock experience?