Sony Xperia C Bootloader Locked, Perhaps Forever

November 12, 2013 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

XperiaBlog is reporting that the bootloader of Xperia C, Sony’s first ever handset running MediaTek SoC can not be unlocked. What this essentially means is that developer won’t be able to create custom ROMs for the handset. XperiaBlog has confirmed this with the Sony itself and Sony’s official site also doesn’t mention Xperia C as the supported device.

The inclusion of the MediaTek SoC seems to be the problem. Sony which is famous for releasing source code of its handsets, didn’t release the source code for Xperia C. Probably they are restricted from releasing any binaries related to the MediaTek SoC. This seems to the case with most of the handsets running on the MediaTek SoC. Hopefully, MediaTek and the OEMs will come out with the solution that would let people fiddle around the hardware as well as software, after all Android is all about ‘openness’ and ‘freedom’.