Sony Launches Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact With Overhauled Cameras

In just six months since the inception of its flagship Xperia X series, Sony has added two new smartphones with overhauled cameras. Or as Sony wants us to believe.

First one is Xperia XZ, which Sony calls its flagship for 2016. It was leaked in full details just a few days back. It resembles other Xperia X series phones in terms of design which were launched earlier this year at MWC2016. Tha major attraction of new Xperia phones is the camera. The main camera sensor is still the same 23MP one. However, there’s now Laser AF and an RGBC-IR sensor which detects the color spectrum and adjusts white balance accordingly. It also sports 5 axis stabilization. The same camera is present on Xperia X Compact as well which was announced alongside Xperia XZ.


Xperia XZ has a slightly bigger 5.2 inch display than the 5 incher one on Xperia X Performance. Snapdragon 820 seats at its heart. While other makers have already moved to 4GB and beyond for RAM in flagships, both Sony phones still have 3GB of it. Xperia XZ’s battery is rated at 2900 mAh.

Sony also announced Xperia X Compact. Xperia X Compact shares its spec sheet with the bigger Xperia X. All the previous Compact branded phones had same specs as their bigger siblings. However, the Xperia X Compact is an exception with Snapdragon 650 processor. Thankfully, you still get 3GB RAM. The only reason to look forward to Xperia X Compact is the new camera.


The display size has remained unchanged at 4.6 inch from the previous Xperia Z5 Compact. And it still has 720p HD resolution. A battery is slightly lower at 2700 mAh compared to 2900 mAh of bigger Xperia XZ.

Both the phones feature fingerprint scanners and IP65/68 rated water resistant design. With new Xperia phones, Sony has finally adapted USB Type C port, but both still retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.
Sony has plans to make Xperia XZ available from October 2016 while the Xperia X Compact should launch sometime later this month.

Source: Sony