Sony Xperia Z Yours For €739 in Finland and A$749 in Australia

January 15, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

When we first saw Sony Xperia Z (ok, we didn’t go to CES but still) we immediately knew that this was going to be a pricy affair. And it really is. The Sony Xperia Z got its pricing in Finland and Australia. In Finland it’d cost you €739 (~ $988) whereas you’ll have to pay A$749 (~ $790) in Australia.


Well you don’t need to start worrying immediately since these are the prices for unlocked devices at Sony Centers. There’s always hope that some career will offer it for comparatively cheap price on contract so you can still grab it. We completely agree that the Xperia Z has some spectacular specifications and design than current crop of the smartphones but this price tag is well unexpected. This leaves no doubt that Sony is trying to make Xperia Z a premium device with likes of iPhone. We just hope that Sony doesn’t mess up with the pricing of such a beautiful device.