Watch A Sony Xperia Z3 Getting Dropped And Crushed, And Still Smiling

Drops tests are freaking exciting. They are especially good with one of the latest flagships is the unfortunate candidate. But it also tells potential buyers how tough is the device they are soon going to buy.

Then how about a Xperia Z3 facing all these crazy torture? And still put up a smile? Sony’s Xperia Z3, otherwise looks very delicate because of its construction. It’s slippery and the fact that it has glass back panel, would always have its owner worried. If you’re one who owns this device or will soon own one, you gotta watch this video. And you should definitely thank Sony for making such a strong device. Good guy at Digitao carried out the whole thing very well.

He drops it, drops it again and then again and finally he tries to crush it under the car. The video is in Arabic I guess and the guy is definitely from middle-east, so I believe he has got enough money to crush couple of more Z3s (pun intended, definitely). But you don’t try it on your phone or in shops. For emotional folks, please get your tissues ready.

Enjoy the video after the break:

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