Surprise Everyone! Microsoft Is Investing In Cyanogen

What a big news today! Microsoft is putting its money on Android. Like woah! Who would have thought Microsoft getting so cozy with Android? Who? Maybe not the old company but the Microsoft under Satya Nadella’s leadership is really doing it. Microsoft has just freaked everyone.

Ever since Nadella took Microsoft in its hands, company has gone totally cross platform. It no longer hates other operating systems but it now rather showers them with the plethora of its services and apps. Its new Outlook email app on iOS is getting a lot of praises. In a latest move, the Redmond giant has gone further and is making investment in Cyanogen Inc. Microsoft is said to be investing $70 million. Cyanogen is the biggest aftermarket Android firmware and recently it evolved into a company. Today, Cyanogen’s OS powers OnePlus One, ultimate geek device and Micromax’s Yureka, similar to OnePlus One in India.


But what’s Microsoft benefit in this deal? Apparently, nothing. Is it trying to bring Android apps to Windows Phone? Or will it use Cyanogen to take the control of the Android ecosystem from Google? Beat Google in its own game? Or does it want to make new Android devices? That is unlikely to happen. And what happens to Windows Phone? At this time, both of them are not commenting on it. Nonetheless, it’s a big, big news in the industry.

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