T-Mobile Now Offers Ten Lines On Family Plan & 2X Data With Tablet

If you, your family and your tablet are on T-Mobile USA, then the carrier has got couple of good news for you guys. The carrier has doubled the number of lines per account on its Simple Choice family plan. Now customers can have up to ten lines per from current five lines. This is very good if you’ve rather big or extended family. New changes will be effective from 27th August i.e. tomorrow. Everything else remains same. Each line will cost $10 and customers will continue to get separate LTE data on each line.

The second news will be of your interest if you plan to use or already using a tablet on T-Mobile’s network. As you already know, T-Mobile offers 200MB of free LTE data per month for lifetime for tablets. Now apart from those 200MBs, T-Mobile will give you more free LTE data equal to your existing data plan for smartphones. So if you’ve got 1GB of LTE data for your smartphone, T-Mobile will give exact amount of LTE data for your tablet separately. This offer is only valid for Simple Choice postpaid plan and will cost $10/month. This new plan will go live from September 3rd.


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