Terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport Is India’s First To Get To Indoor Navigation, Ride in AR

The Terminal 2 of CSI airport of Mumbai city in India is admired for its beautiful. It’s also one of the airports in the world with heavy traffic. It’s just got a must have feature upgrade. And, it’s a digital one.

The makers of the Terminal 2 have launched an app dedicated to it. The app enables the indoor navigation for T2 along with the plethora of other features including augmented reality. It only makes sense to have indoor navigation for an airport which is so crowded. With this, T2 is the first in the country to feature indoor navigation.

The indoor navigation shows all the points of interest useful for the flyers including retail outlets. Even the frequent flyers will be happy to have the option to check immigration status and other useful information from the comfort of their couch. Although you can download and try the app from anywhere, all of its features work only when you’re inside the T2. It uses a combo of connectivity options to determine your location.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and is a must have for anyone who is visiting the T2 any time soon.