This Is How Your Future Asha Would Look Like

February 26, 2013 3 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

No we didn’t see new Asha devices showing up at MWC. Rather Nokia decided to show us some basic stuff like 301 and 105. Don’t be disappointed just yet. Especially if you’re one of them who like Nokia’s Asha phones. It seems that there’s a huge makeover in pipeline for Asha devices.


They might just drop the current boring looks and adopt new era, completely fresh design. Evleaks today showed off a collage of pictures in which an unidentified Asha device is seen sporting a new look. That design ideology is very close to that of Lumia phones. It also shows just one button below the display which seems like the ‘back’ button while omitting the call keys. The UI could also get complete overhaul in coming days making Asha even more touch friendly and look cooler. That’s all for today folks. The new design rather looks cool. We’ll be waiting to meet new Ashas.


Source: @evleaks