Top 25 Best Windows Phone Apps

July 2, 2013 2 By David Kimball
Top Apps

The growth of the Windows Phone Store since its launch in 2010 has been impressive. Now with over 160,000 applications, with 191 markets and 50 different languages (announced at Build 2013 days ago), the Windows Phone ecosystem has become a force to recon with. But out of the vast array of choices, what applications are the very best? The apps below are what I regard as a great mix of outstanding Windows Phone applications, or “the best,” based on rating, popularity, and my own user experience. Each and every one of these apps is fast, made with great care, and does what it was made to do¬†well.

Not all applications are free, and there are many more great applications available in the Windows Phone Store that I was not able to include in this list. Nevertheless, I encourage you to pursue through these apps and give them a try for yourself.

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