Verizon CEO Backs bada OS, Says It Could Be A ‘DarkHorse’

While everyone is talking about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless, at J.P. Morgan investor conference, said that bada OS could be a “darkhorse” in the ongoing war of Operating Systems and ecosystems.

 To hear this from the CEO of a carrier like Verizon is quite surprising. We’ve seen Samsung releasing good bada phones at every price point but the OS failed to gain traction in the market. Yes, some reports said that bada OS has more market share and installed user base than WP7 but it failed to attract developers. This can be clearly seen as most major developers preferred to stay away from the OS. Despite of Samsung organizing million dollar competition for developers there was’t any excitement among them. Another reason for bada OS not being successful could be attributed to the lack of marketing push by Samsung itself. Samsung put also put most of its development resource behind Android and sidelined the bada OS. After initiating Tizen project with Intel, bada OS is supposed to be merged with it. But there could still be new bada devices in 2013. After losing the patent case against Apple, Samsung is looking to find out the way to avoid such cases in future and their own OS could be the savior.
The carrier is supposed to feature Windows Phone 8 handsets when they become available later this year along with a BlackBerry OS 10 model.The carriers around the globe