We Preview Nokia Asha 501,And Here’s What We Like About It

June 29, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar


Thanks to Nokia India, we’d a great, fun filled evening and a chance to play with upcoming Asha 501. We’ve been covering all the news related to the handset ever since it leaked. This handset had our eyebrows raised due to just one fact that it brings the ‘Swipe UI’ from legendary Nokia N9 to an affordable,low end phone thus making it smarter. Finally, our excitement got answered.

As with any device intro event this one also started with company execs highlighting the features of the device but testing it ourselves was altogether a different story. Literally everything is a ‘swipe’ away on Asha 501. Let’s start from the lockscreen itself. Just like N9, the one Asha 501 constantly on lockscreen which Nokia calls ‘Glance Screen’, which shows a digital clock and indicators for missed call,messages etc. Double tap on it and phone wakes up yet it’s not completely unlocked. Next screen shows if there’s any missed call or messages. You just swipe that particular notification to left or right and it takes straight to that application. Otherwise just swipe in any direction on the lockscreen to unlock. Then you are presented with the usual menu. Swipe to left or right and you get what Nokia call a ‘Fastlane’. It’s the Nokia approach to multi-tasking. Fastlane shows your recently used apps. When you swipe exit from the app, it goes to the Fastlane that is it’s state is preserved and when you open it from there again it resumes from exactly where you left it. There’s pull down notification bar as well which also hosts toggles for Bluetooth,Wi-Fi etc. We can go on and on explaining the features of Asha 501.


On the design side, this tiny handet comes in variety of colors and you can swap the shells as well. Shells are pretty sturdy. The Nokia exec dropped the handset from 3-4 feet height but no harm to the device. No it’s screen didn’t really broke. The handset has 3MP camera that takes good photos provided the lighting is good enough. Nokia will be loading 50 top apps on the Indian variant along with the 40 free games from EA. Plus there will be 4GB memory card in-box. When it’ll come to the market next week,it’s surely gonna rock it.