Why Lumia 928 is a must buy for Verizon customers

May 15, 2013 3 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


Recently we covered the announcement of Lumia 928, the flagship Nokia device for Verizon US and pointed out some differences between Lumia 928 and Lumia 920. We know how important is this device for Nokia and Microsoft to gain some mind share in the states which is considered as the indicator of global dominance for any given company. Since Verizon is the largest carrier in the states it is vital for Nokia to make sure Lumia 928 becomes successful. So does it have all the ingredients to be the best meal of the table? Yes it does, and the taste is awesome!

Lumia 928 features some amazing technologies that set it apart from the competition. Things that buyers will be happy enough to boast about. The years of researching and hard works of the inventors are now in the palm of your hand. So there is innovation and there are other handsets. Lumia 928 also carries the title of “World’s most innovative smartphone” like its big brother. And here is my little attempt to show people why Lumia 928 is unique, ahead of the competition and a must buy for Verizon consumers.


With Lumia 928 Nokia brings a new language of design instead of their award winning Fabula. The corners are now a little more squarish while slightly rounded. However it’s still made of Polycarbonate with unibody built like its big brother. Nokia reduced the so called bulkiness of the Lumia 920, resulting slimmer and lighter body on the Lumia 928 although it still sports the same sets of feature as Lumia 920 in terms of hardware.


Lumia 928 sports Corning Gorilla glass 2 that will protect your phone’s screen from scratches & accidental drops. The front side is all Black and covered by the beautiful combination of protective glass, deep Black OLED screen and three mandatory windows phone buttons. Typical OEM and carrier branding are present. On back it has a brushed metal(Zirconium) camera strip with Pureview & Carl Zeiss branding. Nokia also added a big speaker(s) on the back. The buttons on the left are also made of Zirconium instead of regular plastic or aluminum. As a result it really stands out in the crowd of Droids and iPhones.

PureView Camera

Camera has been one of the major features of a smartphone since it’s first introduced and no one will ever doubt the fact that Nokia is one of the best phone manufacturers when it comes to imaging technology. They introduced some of the biggest innovations in the industry with their N series phones specially N8 and later the mighty Nokia 808 Pureview. The name PureView is not particularly a name of certain technology. It’s a brand that ensures the latest & greatest camera technologies are present in the device. For example Nokia 808 PureView features the biggest 41MP sensor found on any smartphones, with lossless zoom and oversampling it’s still considered as the king of camera phones. Lumia 920 which is the second instalment of PureView family introduced world’s first optical image stabilization resulting industry leading low light imaging and stable video recording, with Lumia 928 Nokia added a Xenon flash on the already awesome Lumia 920’s camera that also sports optics from Carl Zeiss. So if you want the best in class camera phone in your favorite network Verizon Lumia 928 is a no brainer for you.


Display is the most important element of a smartphone because it’s the first thing that a user notices. Touchscreen phones are all about interaction with the display. So every company tries to provide the best available viewing experience on their smartphones. What’s Nokia have in their bag? A handful amount of goodnesses.


Lumia 928 sports an AMOLED screen that ensures deep Black,  infinite contrast with excellent viewing angle. Nokia increased the display frame rate to 60 fps thanks to their PureMotion technology, which will give you a blur free and pleasing viewing. It’s a 4.5″ unit with 1280 x 768 resolution giving you a crisp(334 PPI vs iPhone’s 326 PPI) display that you won’t notice a pixel. Wait the story isn’t finished yet, Lumia 928 features Nokia’s proprietary ClearBlack tech that helps you to read your screen under direct sunlight and with Super Sensitive touch technology you can use the phone with gloves on! Impressive, isn’t it?

Music & Audio

If you’re into music (which you probably are) you definitely gonna love Lumia 928. From hardware to software Lumia 928 have all the features that a hardcore music lover wants to have in a smartphone. Let’s start with the hardware. Lumia 928 sports a very unique speaker(s) on its back, while it’s still a mono unit it produces industry leading up to 140 dB(vs HTC One’s 89 dB) sound. Go to concert frequently or like to record your own voice with your phone? Forget other phones, Lumia 928 will give you the perfect audio result using its HAAC mic technology that reduces the noise and gives you distortion free aural experience and it has 3 of them.

Music junkies also need great software support along with high class hardware. Nokia knows that. Enjoy over 22 million songs for free using Nokia music and store up to 4 tracks offline without any subscription. Musicaholics, you know which phone you want.

World phone

Now the folks who travel a lot. Since lumia 928 supports penta band and has both GSM & CDMA radio you don’t have to pay additional roaming charges or carry another phone while travelling. If you don’t want to switch your favorite carrier and still want to have this phone this is a great opportunity for you. However you might face lower data speed or network signal strength so I don’t suggest you to do this unless you’re confident. The most interesting fact is you won’t need an unlock code for using it abroad, all verizon GSM phones come factory unlocked!


Unlike other 32GB phones Lumia 928 has a way cheaper price tag of $99. What’s more cool about it? You can get one outright at just $499! Starting from May 16th you’ll get $25 worth free Windows phone store credit to buy your favourite games & applications. And with $50 mail in rebate this is definitely a stellar deal. So the value of this phone alone can play a good roll to attract potential buyers who don’t need high specs or don’t care about above goodnesses at all.


There are more things that I’d like to tell you in brief. I haven’t said much about its core, its OS, Windows phone(you can blame this long article). Windows phone is a matured OS now, with 1,45,000+ apps, great Microsoft support, Nokia’s free lifetime Navigation and offline map service this’d be a once in a lifetime experience for many. However you’ll still find some drawbacks and lack of apps. Just keep in mind, nothing is perfect. Windows phone ecosystem is growing, everyday new apps are coming on the store, carriers/OEMs are unveiling new hardwares. So it’s a win win situation for Windows  phone users, developers and enthusiasts. We know average person don’t care about apps but it’s a vital for a OS to provide its user the necessary ones. Windows phone pretty much has them all.

Lumia 928 provides better hardware & software optimization than most other flagship smartphones currently offer. A good looking phone with great camera, display, OS and hardware are all that a consumer wants. Taking everything into account I can confidently say we have a winner here!