Will This Weirdly Named HTC Desire 526G+ Survive In Indian Market?

I’ve yelled at HTC countless times for screwing up its Indian launches but its latest phone actually looks a like a good deal. That’s Desire 526G+, people. Wait, what’s with that name? I’m actually looking for original 526. Doesn’t it look like what Samsung does to name its phones? Let’s hope it’s the first and the last phone to have such a weird naming.

Design wise, Desire 526G+ looks a lot similar to Desire 500. To me, that’s a jelly-belly design.By the way, Desire 526G+ (get used to it), has an unnamed octa-core processor but judging by its price and predecessors, it would be a MediaTek branded one and it runs at 1.7GHz. There’s 1GB of RAM but now the time has arrived for budget phones to pack more than a gigabyte of RAM. It has 4.7 inch display with rather uninspiring qHD resolution whereas other phones in the segment have already settled for 720p HD as minimum. It also has twin speakers on front but surprisingly HTC haven’t mentioned if it has Boomsound or not. If it has then it would be a decent addition to the package. Other features include an 8MP camera which can do FullHD recording and a 2MP front camera.


Good thing is that it still has dual SIM support and runs on 2G/3G networks. Lack of 4G LTE is not a deal breaker, yet. But there are phones that offer 4G under $160. It comes in four color variants and two memory variants, 8GB and 16GB. 8GB variant will cost Rs.10,400 (~$170) and Rs.11,400 (~$185). Snapdeal will be selling it exclusively. My advice to you guys, pick up 8GB variant and spend thousand bucks to get a 32GB Class 10 memory card.

So, how good is this phone? If you’re looking to pickup something that is readily available instead of trying your luck at flash sales and if you want a better brand instead of Chinese or Indian ones, HTC definitely is a good choice.