Continuum Mode in Windows 10 Puts A Full Blown PC In Your Pocket

We already heard about Continuum mode in Windows 10 when the OS was first shown to the public. In simple words, Continuum allows for a smoother, seamless transition between tablet and PC UI. It was reserved but for tablets and dual mode devices but now Microsoft has ported it over to phones as well.


What this essentially means is the Windows 10 running smartphone that you’ll be carrying in your pocket will act as your regular PC as soon as you connect it to the bigger screen. In the demo by Microsoft (video below), you can clearly see apps like Outlook, Excel and Word on the phone running just as good as their desktop counterparts. Microsoft has achieved this with its new Universal code. But, not all phones will support it as it requires powerful hardware to handle the bigger screens. Microsoft hasn’t said which phones will be supported, but I can safely say older low-end phones like Lumia 520 will not make it to the list. Along with Continuum mode, Microsoft is also bringing in dual screen support for Windows phones which will let users use two different functions at the same time on two different screens.