Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh Now Rolling Out To Lumia Family

August 30, 2012 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Nokia has started to roll out the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh update to its Lumia family of Windows Phone devices. Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh was first demoed on Nokia Lumia 610. This new update along with performance improvement will bring few new features to Lumia which were previously unavailable. What makes this update special to Lumia users is that they will get free subscription of Nokia Music, using which they can download 4.5 million songs for free. This update will bring,

  • One year of free access to Nokia Music: Unlimited access to Nokia music with the ability to listen, download and share your favourite tracks.
  • Camera Extras
  • Internet Sharing: To convery Nokia Lumia into a Wi-fi hotspot for laptops, computers and other mobile phones around you, usable by 5 other devices.
  • Contact Share App: After the upgrade, you can download the contact share App and share contact details from your Lumia Device via SMS
  • Data counters: Keep track of your calls, messages and data usage
  • Flip-to-silence: To ignore a call, just flip your phone face down

Follow this┬álink to get step-by-step instruction on how to update your Lumia. As usual it’s advised to make backup of your data on the handset and charge the battery to full to ensure the smooth operation.