Windows Phone 8.1 Update Will Improve Website Rendering In IE11

Windows Phone users know the pain of using mobile sites which don’t look like mobile sites. Well, the blame goes to the mobile version of Internet Explorer as the browser uses different implementations for the rendering of the websites. Sites are usually developed keeping Apple’s WebKit rendering engine in mind which is used very widely. This especially impacts the rendering of the mobile sites. Websites fail to detect IE11 as the ‘mobile browser’ and hence provide either the desktop version or the mobile site optimized for feature phones. This as a result hurt the user experience as users can’t use mobile sites properly. To solve this problem, Windows Phone team at Microsoft has prepared a solution which will roll out with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update.

The first change is the change in the UA (user agent) string which gives new identity to the IE11 when it requests site. Now it’ll be identified as “like Gecko” (similar to Safari browser), so now more sites will provide correct format of the sites. Many are made using webkit parameters instead of the standards Microsoft uses for IE11. To get around this, Microsoft has mapped those parameters to their standards counterparts. This is a second major change in IE11 mobile which will help the browser render sites more accurately.


There are other changes as well like adding support for non-standard proprietary features, fixing interoperability issues and the fixing bugs in the Trident engine itself. Microsoft is also providing guidelines to developers to help them fix coding issue with their sites. For end users this could be too much technical but they are ones who will be benefited most. Windows Phone 8.1 update will soon be available to users on developer preview and it’ll come to end users in coming months according to Microsoft. If you want to know more about what has changed in IE11 in new update, hit the source link below.