XDA Devs Do It Again, Unlock AT&T One X Bootloader This Time

Devs over XDA forums have yet again showed their brilliance. We doubt if anybody actually has the exact number of their acheivements. In the latest news, they have managed to unlock the bootloader of the AT&T branded HTC OneX. Recently HTC came up with the statement denying the inclusion of AT&T OneX in their HTCDev program. They had blamed the carrier the for this. This news disappointed many AT&T OneX users out there. But now they can relax. An intelligent and veteran developer at XDA, grankin01, has come up with the method to unlock the bootloader device. If you do not already know what unlocking bootloaer means, it’ll enable you to flash custom ROMs and explore your device in depth. His method includes changing the CID of the device to the one which is supported by the HTCDev program. In his case he changed the CID to that of Roger’s variant of the device. This doesn’t end here, you need to push some ADB commands to put everything everything in its place. After that you can follow regular instructions to finally unlock the device. Do keep in mind that this process requires you to have knowledge of ADB and related stuff and extremely cautious while doing this. Any mistake will change your device into pricey brick. You can follow his thread here for complete instructions, AT&T OneX unlock.