Xiaomi Mi4c Has Flagship specs, Pocket Friendly Price and Is China Exclusive

Xiaomi has done it again. It’s launched Mi4c with the specs usually found in flagships and for a really low price tag.

Xiaomi Mi4c flaunts hexa-core Snapdragon 808 and 3GB RAM. That’s what powers LG G4 and Moto X Style. There’s a cheaper variant too with 2GB RAM. For reference, its Redmi Note 2 which is a $125 device has the same silicon, MediaTek Helio X10, as HTC One M9 Plus.


Quad HD displays are becoming a norm, but Xiaomi has instead opted for a 5 inch FullHD (1080p) panel for Mi4c. You’re anyways not going to spot distinct pixels. There’s a 13MP front camera and 5MP rear. It’s got a stellar 3080 mAh battery too coupled with Quick Charge 2.0. Xiaomi Mi4c has dual SIM slots with 4G on both. It also doubles up as a remote control for TVs etc. with its infrared blaster.

All this comes for around $200 for 2GB variant while 3GB variant comes for around $235. Sounds exciting? But Mi4c is exclusive to China and company doesn’t have any plan to launch it outside. You can only watch and be jealous.