Xperia Z Gets AOSP Build,Brings Pure Google Experience

April 23, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Sometimes back Google and Sony joined hands to bring AOSP to the latter’s flagship Xperia S. Well having AOSP on your favorite device is always a great experience. Those who do not like the OEM skinned Android with all bloatware loaded, this is their chance to enjoy pure Android. Only Nexus devices are privileged to get that but most of the time they are not everyone’s favorite and not best of the crowd as well. And there’s certainly no Nexus phone that matches waterproof ability of Xperia Z. But hey, before you get excited and go ahead with trying it on yours, let us tell you this needs playing with flashing, bootlooping etc. which couldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Obviously this build comes with hiccups and glitches. Devs are in for some treat here.

Xperia ZL group white_E

This AOSP for Xperia Z project is being led by Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson, senior software engineers at Sony (respect!). Sony is famous for their active contribution to developer community and these AOSP projects are a part that. The current build has SD-card, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth™, GPS, LED light, and sensors working (partially). Sony has Camera and Modem working as well internally but since both require proprietary binaries by Qualcomm, they won’t be published to developers just yet. There are some Xperia Z binaries available though to get you started. In the coming days Sony will be providing alternatives to proprietary binaries to the devs and will be working to fix the NFC. Again, we remind you that though anyone can use it, it’s not ready for your daily usage but devs should be happy to have it anyways. Check the video of the AOSP running on the Xperia Z below,

The AOSP build is available on Git Hub here and bug tracker can be found here.