Yahoo Gets Rid of Passwords,Catches Up With The Competition With Its 18th Anniversary

Yahoo has completed its 18th year of existence. What really marks its 18th birthday is not its fight for survival but its awakening to the new age email features. It has finally caught up with its competitors.

The eye catching new feature called Account Key that gets rid of legacy passwords. We should actually thank Yahoo for doing this and hope others do this as well. Yahoo Account Key is similar to two factor authentication we are already familiar with. But Yahoo’s concept totally gets rid of passwords. Once turned on inside its mobile app, it will ask for your approval everytime there’s an attempt to sign into your account. Depending on how secure you keep your phone, this could be really useful or worse than leaking your password.


Yahoo has finally realized the fact that people use more than one email accounts. That’s why it now lets you connect your other email accounts from Outlook, Hotmail and AOL. Strangely Gmail is missing on the list. Hope it comes later.

So, let us all congratulate Yahoo on its coming of age.

Header image source: Siliconbeat